The al alali Tuna Story

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Absolutely the Best

al alali prides itself on providing its consumers with products of unsurpassed quality. al alali tuna is no exception!

al alali tuna undergoes several rigorous checks to meet the highest quality standards worldwide and to guarantee that our consumers enjoy absolutely the best tuna.

We are proud of every step we take, from fishing to packing our delicious tuna, and would like to share our story with you.

Read on to find out how al alali tuna is the top of its class.



Part of our commitment to the environment, al alali tuna fishing is dolphin friendly. We only fish in areas with the cleanest water and with no pollution.

When our fish reaches the port, our specialized team is standing by to check the quality and freshness of the tuna. Firstly, the backbone temperature of the fish is checked, followed by inspecting histamine levels which determine the freshness of the catch.

It is our priority that al alali canned tuna contains no pollutants and no mercury. Offering our consumers canned tuna with mercury free tuna cannot be overemphasized, as high levels of it is linked to a range of potential health risks.

We are very particular about the size and weight of our selected fish and make sure that every fish yields tender and moist meat. This step is important in making sure that al alali canned tuna always provides a distinctly unique taste.



Our production process is one of the most stringent in the world. We are meticulous about implementing our processes to ensure that we provide our consumers with the very freshest canned tuna.

The production teams at the factory double check the selected catch for quality prior to storing the tuna in ideal temperatures to maintain its freshness.

Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality tuna. We store our tuna fish in cold rooms for minimal periods to maintain the quality and texture of the tuna fish and deliver that premium taste and tenderness. Other brands choose to save money by packing tuna fish that was stored for more than six months despite the potential deterioration of quality and texture of the tuna fish.

Many brands may also choose to adopt the minimum industry standards for cleaning their tuna fish to cut costs. al alali adopts an elaborate "double cleaning" process to guarantee canned tuna with barely any defects.


Best Quality

Our main goal is to deliver unsurpassed quality to our valued al alali consumers every time. We focus on quality from selecting the healthiest catch to ensuring a production process that provides the tastiest canned tuna.

We accomplish our objective by inspecting every batch by an international independent laboratory ascertaining that the packed tuna complies with al alali’s stringent specifications especially in the following two areas:

  • Vegetable broth or other additives are never used in al alali canned tuna. Some brands use vegetable broth, a vegetable extract, which is absorbed by the tuna increasing the net weight of the tuna meat. This process saves those brands money but compromises the tuna’s taste and quality.
  • We pack solid tuna with the least percentage of tuna flakes. Increasing the percentage of tuna flakes in the can is a nifty shortcut that allows some brands to simultaneously cut costs and meet minimum official standards.


Widest Range

Our range of tuna is the widest in the GCC offering you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite taste, tuna species and pack.

We offer our valued consumers over twenty-four tuna variants packed from four tuna species.

We truly hope you enjoy our tuna range and quality as much as we pride ourselves in providing you with absolutely the very best tuna!